Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The hair cut

Okay so I have been feeling restless lately. I am very impatient, and usually when I am wanting to make some sort of change to myself I end up cutting my hair because it's the fastest way to make a big change. I know I can diet, or try and work on changing a bad habit (like my bad swearing habit) or something like that, and I do work on those things. But they take way to long in my opinion, and usually with long term stuff like that, I just end up forgetting I was trying to change in the first place. I need to see results, and fast!

I lived in Albuquerque, NM for a few years and while I was there I had an amazing hair stylist, so I was always cutting my hair. I loved it.

Well, since I moved here, I really haven't had the time to even cut my hair let alone take the time to find a crazy cute hair cut to try out, so I just really haven't cut my hair since I moved. I think I have had 3 hair cuts in 4 1/2 years. I know.... that sounds awful! Don't judge me, I've had a lot going on!

Well, you will all be happy to know that the time for a major change came. I was determined this time. I sat down searching the internet for pictures of short hair, and then..... I found it! You know, THE ONE! The hair cut of all hair cuts. The picture came up on my computer screen and the heavens opened, angels were singing, I felt all warm and fuzzy inside! I was gonna me one hot mamma! :) Once I decided there was no time to waste.
Here is my before picture. Can you hear J crying while he is snapping this picture? He loves my hair long. He's not a big fan of me cutting my hair all of the time. But, he realizes that if he interferes, he will be stuck listening to me complain about my hair until I finally just get it cut anyways.

Here is my new look! What do you guys think? I personally LOVE IT!!!!!! (I am singing the words "love it" by the way. That is how happy I am over my hair) It's so refreshing, and the best part is that J LOVES IT too! I was so shocked. I have had a series of bad, short haircuts due to my impatience and just wanting to cut all my hair off. The fact that he absolutely loves this hair cut as much as I do was the cherry on top of my already amazing Chocolate Ice Cream Sunday I have whipped up for myself.

Oh yes, I am now one sassy mamma ready to take on the world, or maybe just my sick kids and messy house! Either way, I know I'll be looking good while I do it, weather I succeed or not! :)

So, to all of you mom's. Go out and do something daring, brave and crazy for yourselves! You will feel better in the end! :)

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