Tuesday, August 13, 2013

July Birthdays

My birthday and Bug's birthday are only 2 days apart.  So when we go to my mom's house for the 4th of July, we usually do a party for all of the July birthdays.

This was the greatest Day of Bugs life.... She finally got her American Girl Doll from Grandma.  The doll she was given is Ruthie, and Bug loves her because she has brown hair and eyes just like her.

Little Miss has the American Girl Doll Kit, and Ruthie is Kit's best friends.  The girls were so excited to both have their dolls to play with.  There are two sets of best friends in this picture!  :)

This was Bug's actual birthday at our house.  Here are her presents ready to go for her the night before.

Bug on her birthday morning!!! Balloons, presents, and all the magic that comes with your birthday when you are little. 

Bug Hula Hooping.... She kept insisting she knew how to hula hoop and I didn't believer her.  She had been begging for a hula hoop for several months and we finally got her one for her birthday.  She totally knew how to hula hoop!!! It was crazy!!! We timed her, and she finally asked after 5 minutes if she could just stop because she was getting tired.  :)

Can you tell she is completely smitten with Ruthie?  Both got new dresses for her birthday so we had to have a picture of Bug and Ruthie in their new dresses!  :)

Bug is 100% my daughter.  She is completely addicted to cheetos!! It's all my fault, I take all the blame.  I refuse to buy cheetos, and cheese balls because if they are in my house I will eat them ALL!! She has been asking for cheese balls all year long and I kept telling her "maybe on your birthday" just to get her to quit asking. She remembered and reminded me several times the week of her birthday to make sure I didn't forget.  So here she is, completely happy with a big bowl of cheese balls on her birthday!  

Her Dolphin cake!!

Her birthday dinner was spaghetti and garlic bread.

The cutting of the cake.  She was so excited!!

She wanted the biggest piece, so J made sure to cut her an extra big piece.  Her smile says it all!!  It was a good day.  Bug turned 6.... I can't believe it... where did the time go?

Now for my birthday... there aren't a lot of pictures.  Usually I'm the picture taker, so I wasn't really taking pictures of myself.  Also, I didn't really have any gifts to open.  The tent trailer was my gift this year from J, and my mom had given me my gift a few months earlier, so my birthday was all about the food!  I just love junk food, especially doughnuts!! :)  Doughnuts are my FAVORITE treat ever... and these amazing looking doughnuts are the very best.  They are highly addictive, and so I only allow myself to have these once or twice a year.  On Mothers Day, and my birthday.  :) This is pure heaven in a box!! 

Yes.... I turned 31.... I feel old!

Okay, I'm throwing this picture in here.  This quilt on my bed was my birthday present from my mom.  I LOVE IT!!! These blocks are all hand embroider. My Great Grandma Davis worked on some, my Mom worked on some, and I worked on some.  I love quilting, and I love hand made blankets.  This one tops any blanket I could ever make or have.... 3 generations have worked on this quilt and I will treasure it forever!!! 

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