Friday, August 16, 2013

Things I Love: The Emma clutch... need I say more?

I think I'll start a section on my blog title "Things I Love".  So every once in a while when I see something I can't stop thinking about, I can blog about just because I LOVE it!! :)  

Okay, I was browsing around on the Internet the other day and just decided to pop over to the Kate Spade website.  I love purses, and I especially LOVE their purses, and so I am always on their site just looking.  Well, I was looking around and I saw this....  

I am completely smitten!!! 

I almost stopped breathing..... I could not believe my eyes....  Kate Spade has made a clutch that looks like a Jane Austen book!!!  It's my 2 favorite things mingled together, and it is perfect!! I have had a "perma grin" since I discovered it.  I am constantly on the internet looking at it. I have been day dreaming about how much fun I could have carrying this around. 

This is what the inside looks like.  I love that the stripes on the side make it look like pages in a book. SO cute, and fun! :)

But... here comes the best part.....

This is the what the back looks like!  How awesome is it that they have the moment that Emma realizes that she is, in fact, in love with Mr. knightly written on the back?!?!  I almost fell off my chair!  This is my dream come true.

I am a total book nerd first of all, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to read.  I am horribly obsessed with Jane Austen.  I have all of her books, and I read them over, and over, and over again.  I am the girl that carries a copy of Pride and Prejudice in my purse all the time, just because I love having it with me. Yes, I really am that cheesy!!  :) I love to sew and quilt in my spare time and Jane Austen movies are always playing in the background.  I should have been born 200 years ago.

I instantly knew I had to blog about this.  This is something that is 100% me, all the way.  

I hope this makes you smile as much as I am smiling right now!  :) 

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